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When a loved one is in jail in Bakersfield and in need of bail, locate your Bakersfield Bail Bondsman right here after a bail bond has been set by the court. Our Bakersfield Bail professionals are available 24/7 to post your Bail Bonds anywhere in Kern County. Bakersfield Bail Bondsmen cover all Bakersfield and Kern County courts and jails. This site will soon offer listings by Bakersfield Criminal Defense Attorneys as well. Most Bakersfield/Kern County criminal defense lawyers offer free consultation and many are members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). For other bail bonds agents and defense lawyers throughout the United States, see

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Pastor Accused Of Cheating People Out Of Thousands Of Dollars TuenTo23 23ABC
A local pastor is accused of purposely bouncing checks to defraud people out of thousands of dollars. Paul Nesheiwat of American Liberty Bail Bonds says he rarely takes checks. However, he took a check from the Rev. Thomas David Johnson. After all ...
CAIR offers an unintended endorsement of Tea Party speaker Las Vegas Review-Journal
Is this some kind of misguided and feeble attempt at reverse psychology, or merely incredibily tone deaf? The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has put out a press release calling on the Tennessee Tea Party Convention to drop from its list of ...
Shooter pleads no contest to voluntary manslaughter in deaths of bail bondsmen brothers
The April 26, 2012 killings of brothers Zachary and Brandon Sims in southwest Bakersfield made national news and led ... The brothers had worked for their father, Vincent Sims, at Bad Dog Bail Bonds.
The decade that was Las Vegas Weekly
August 8 County Commission approves plans for a Strip monorail to be built with $650 million in state-issued bonds. August 11 ... They beat the Bakersfield Condors 4-2. November 20 Michael Jackson, after posting bail on child-molestation charges in ...
A look inside: What do bail agents do?
Amanda Esposito, owner of Bakersfield's Patriot Bail Bonds, said a lot of the work is clerical, dealing with surety companies, which insure the bail in the event that it must be forfeited to the court. It's a job and it pays the bills, she said.
CLOSED: Who Are Ron Paul's Supporters? NPR News
Greetings, Ron Paul fans. You've been an incredibly civil, thoughtful, well-spoken and engaged crowd. Thing is, you're also an incredible crowd — so much so that we can't keep up with turning on all your comments. As of 8:10 or so a.m. Eastern, we're ...
Man in Bakersfield bail bondsmen murder arrested Abc Local Web
Duane Chapman said, Most all bail bonds across the country are family oriented or family ... Duane Chapman, better known as Dog The Bounty Hunter -- initially flew to Bakersfield to help find Stewart, but says he also wanted to be there for the family.
Bail bondsmen brothers shot, killed in Bakersfield San Jose Mercury News
BAKERSFIELD, Calif.—Two brothers who worked for their father's bail bond business have been shot to death while trying to confront a customer who had skipped bail on a drug paraphernalia charge. Bakersfield-area news media reported Friday that 23-year ...